Age Group: 9 – 12 years

In this extremely competitive era, most of the entrance exams for employment / admissions consider analytical ability & general knowledge as an entry criterion!! These are not covered as part of the regular school syllabus. Enrol your child into this program to provide an edge over others & stimulate his/her brain cells!!


Daily 1 hour session
Work on different types Puzzles (numerical, patterns, anagrams, quantitative aptitude)
With a focus on Olympiad, NTSE, PSA exams
Few tips / tricks for faster calculation
General Knowledge module
Daily worksheet on a different concept
Program Date: 10th April to 12th May 2017 (Mon, Wed, Fri)

Program Timings: 9:30 to 10:30 am

Program Fees: 5 weeks – Rs 2000/-, 4 week – Rs 1600/-, 3 weeks – 1350 /-