Age Group: Women & Kids Above 6 yrs

This program gives a breath of fresh air to one’s creativity!! Explore your creativity using a wide range of options!! Options range from Mehandi, Quilling, Embroidery, Tailoring, Soft Toy making, Candle making to Sospeso, Decoupage & many more.


  • Learn what you want to learn from whole lot of options!!
  • Highly Flexible Schedule & Individual learning
  • From a highly experienced faculty


Tailoring, Embroidery, Mehandi, Veg Carving, Decoupage, Sospeso, Soft Toy Making, Candle Making, Glass / Nib / Fabric Painting , Quilling, Rangoli, Crochet, Knitting, Mural, Nail Art, Saree Draping, Hair Styles, Cushion Making, Stocking Flower Art, Saree Tazzles (Kuchchu), Perfume Making & more